Buying wholesale clothing for your boutique: How to do it

This article will cover a variety of subjects, including where to find boutique plus size wholesale clothing vendors, taxes, and permits.

The effects of small businesses (INTRO)

Have you ever been into a nearby big box store and thought there was no way your boutique could compete? Think about it once again because you have three competitive advantages over everyone else and the boutique industry is booming for a reason!

A group of vendors and service providers who exclusively do business with boutiques is using by tens of thousands of boutiques to make collective purchases. These tiny niche providers can leverage bulk manufacturing to achieve low prices that are comparable to big box businesses.

Within days of its release, a new fashion trend can be hurriedly introduced in your boutique store. Boutiques purchase weekly as opposed to big box merchants who purchase months in advance, allowing them to keep up with the most recent trends.

We help one another out! The competitive intelligence that Ross, TJMaxx, and Target withhold is kept to themselves, but you’ll discover that a lot of women in the boutique industry are more than happy to mentor you and divulge their success secrets.

3 places to purchase wholesale clothing for your boutique

1. Fashion Events

During fashion shows, you can buy items for your boutique business using the traditional method. You’ll leave with both apparel and helpful information to take home if you visit the booths, look around, and interact with a variety of people (vendors and boutique owners).

The Magic Event describes itself as the biggest boutique clothing event in the country and is held in Las Vegas. Looking for a fantastic deal? The Off Price Show, which takes place in Las Vegas at the same time, should be your next stop.

Fashion boutique events are held in many locations across the US, including Las Vegas, Dallas, Miami, and Atlanta. For a complete list of events taking place across the nation, please see our page on fashion events.

2. Online websites

If you haven’t already, start with my rankings of the top 5 boutique suppliers and merchants. From there, you can carry out a more in-depth search by looking up wholesale clothes wholesalers on Google.

Finding suppliers is simple; the difficult part is choosing the appropriate ones (more on this later).

The owner of a boutique can access incredible tools online like:

access to all conceivable US vendors.

By “trend tracking,” you can find out what styles are popular right now and in the future.

Stocking up is simple thanks to swift shipment times.

Keeping track of all your orders when you shop online is organized and efficient.

3. Los Angeles’ Fashion District

The Los Angeles Fashion District is a fantastic substitute. The nation’s top boutique distributors are all housed there in one location.

A trip to LA is a great chance to stock up on the newest boutique trends and form a strong relationship with your suppliers.

By visiting the LA fashion district, you can feel the clothing’s quality and see how it fits, just like during presentations. Pictures on websites typically don’t adequately represent how the items will fit your customers.

Try to schedule direct appointments with retailers before you arrive if you want to meet with the label’s manager or owner.


No, some individuals are more cognizant of shipment deadlines (this can be important during Christmas, Valentines, etc.) You’ll find, nevertheless, that every supplier in the USA satisfies a variety of regional boutique trends.

The sector’s appeal is that each boutique seller develops a unique and regional aesthetic for various areas of the country. Whether you’re searching for junior, coastal, midwestern, or deep south styles, you can easily find 3–4 fantastic vendors who will provide your shop more than enough options.


The two most typical licenses are a company license and a sales permit. Visit the SBA and Legalzoom websites to learn more.

I advise using Google to look up terms like: Since the procedure for obtaining these licenses differs per state (“your state” business license registration and sellers permit.)

It’s best to give someone a call and ask them to walk you through the process of requesting these licenses for your small business.


Government taxes are typically only applied to profitable transactions. Because you aren’t currently making money from your wholesale purchases, you won’t have to pay taxes on your purchases from boutique merchants.

The two or three taxes that you will have to pay are sales tax, state tax, and federal tax. Customers who purchase clothing from you pay sales tax, which you keep and then forfeit to the IRS.

If your state does not have any taxes at all, you will be required to pay both state and federal taxes, the amount of which will depend on your income. These taxes will be paid out of the money you make from sales to your store’s patrons.

Maintain modest profits, is the advice.

Instead of providing the IRS 30 to 40% of your profits at the end of the year if your boutique is profitable and you anticipate making a lot of money, you may invest it in order to grow.

Building a website, investing in new technology, recruiting more qualified staff to build your store(s), investing more in marketing, and purchasing new computers and equipment are all excellent examples of expenses that have a favorable return on investment (ROI).

Naturally, you don’t want to raise your spending only to reduce your tax burden, but you do want to take advantage of any “loopholes” that are available to you.


Online ordering simplifies the ordering process and enables you to follow the latest trends in boutique fashion. You also have better access to apparel and possibly new boutique retailers.

Despite this, attending trade shows and networking with vendors and other store owners are still crucial for boutiques. A variety of information that cannot be obtained online is available at events like the Off Price Show in Vegas and the Magic Show by UBM.

The answer, if you can, is to do both!

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