SION Trading FZE UAE is one of the largest precious metals streaming companies in the world. The Company has agreements in place to pay an upfront fee and an extra fee upon delivery of the metal in exchange for all or a portion of the precious metals or gold production from high-quality mines. 13 projects in the development stage and 23 active mines are currently covered by streaming agreements with SION. A portfolio of low-cost, long-life assets, including a gold stream on a Honduras mine, power the company’s production profile.


SION Trading FZE UAE is dedicated to fostering the development of thriving, healthy communities. SION donates a portion of its net profits through its community investment program to charitable organizations and projects that support and build local and global communities. Their community investment program consists of two parts: the local community investment program, which helps organizations in the towns where their offices are situated, and the partner community investment program, which has an international focus. A committed Community Investment Committee manages the initiative made up of senior management personnel. The partner program, which was started in 2015, is intended to benefit the mining communities where partners do business.

The corporate governance policies of SION have been and remain in accordance with all relevant UAE and US standards. In order to further revise its governance rules and processes as necessary, the company continues to watch developments in the United Arab Emirates and the United States.


According to SION, there are no material distinctions between its corporate governance policies and those that domestic American issuers are expected to adhere to in order to be listed on the NYSE.


The sustainability framework will be formed by the interaction of these principles with activities performed at different stages of the mining life cycle. Their use in mining projects 

can be financially successful, environmentally friendly and socially responsible. SION Trading FZE has a firm grasp on the evolution of mining sites, recognizing the need to integrate sustainability considerations into the mining lifecycle, manifestation of sustainability conditions, necessary measures and appropriate solutions at each stage.



The following actions should be taken at mines from a safety perspective: dedication to risk management, appropriate attitude and behaviour, established reporting system, focus on education and training creation, as well as focus on procedures and equipment. Economically, integrating SD into mining will result in cheaper labour costs, fewer labour disputes, higher retention rates, lower healthcare and manufacturing costs, lighter regulatory burdens, lower closing, borrowing and insurance costs and better investor relations. MANAGEMENT AND ADDITIONAL RESOURCES


From a resource efficiency point of view, resource management and mining processes in mines are very important. Coordination between mining engineers, geologists, and metallurgists is critical to maximizing resource extraction. It is necessary to apply appropriate management methods at mine sites from an environmental point of view, otherwise it will lead to long-term difficulties such as acid mine drainage (AMD). A mine needs a “social license to operate” in the eyes of its residents. In other words, part of the wealth created will return to the region to support the creation of institutions and infrastructure that benefit society. SCOTIA INTERNATIONAL OF NEVADA (SION TRADING FZE)


To meet industry needs, Scotia International of Nevada, Inc. (Scotia), a company with headquarters in Utah, was incorporated. Scotia offers state-of-the-art manufacturing and engineering services in all areas to meet the needs of our customers. With nearly a century of combined experience, Scotia can provide industry-leading ideas and tools.

Scotia is licensed as a contractor in the following categories:

Mine site development and general construction. SUSTAINABLE CONDITION OF MINING RESOURCES


Mining is the lifeblood of many countries as it is one of the processes used to utilize mineral resources. Metallic and non-metallic mineral extraction and related sectors provide a significant share of income and employment in many countries and play an important role in economic and social development. On the other hand, the harmful environmental consequences of the large-scale mining industry on the world’s supply of water, soil, air and life cannot be ignored.




The Company amended its Code of Business Conduct and Ethics in 2019 to reflect its commitments to labour, human rights, and anti-bribery and anti-corruption procedures as part of its participation in the UN Global Compact.


At SION, employees are firmly convinced that they should act as agents of change and champions of ethical mining. They consider it their responsibility to work with mine operators that share their values and commitment to social responsibility and excellent environmental management when offering financial solutions.


SION is a firm advocate of setting an example. They have consistently shown a strong commitment to conducting ethical business over the years. Their thorough ESG policy and ESG strategy serve as a summary of their commitments and methodology.


The Company has an experienced management team with a strong track record of success and is well positioned for further growth.


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