The Best Marble Chess Sets You Can Buy Today in 2022

Chess is one of the world’s most popular games that is played by millions of people worldwide regardless of age or gender biases. In the Middle Ages and during the Renaissance, chess was a part of the noble culture. It was not only used to teach war strategy but was also dubbed the ‘Kings Game’.

Today we can find chess boards and sets in all kinds of exotic materials and builds. One of the options to choose from is a marble chess set that is not only quite stunning to look at but also feels amazing while playing. There are tons of varieties nowadays that you can find online. So if this has piqued your internet, here are some of the best marble chess sets that you can buy now.

RADICALn White and Green Handmade 15 Inches High Quality Onyx Marble Chess Set (With Storage Box)

This eye-catching and attractive chess set is fully handmade from high-quality marble onyx. The chess board and the chess figures are fully hand polished, giving a glossy look. It is a lavish package that comes with 1 chess board, and 32 chess figures with 16 of each colour. The size of the chess board is 15”x15” inches. Spectacular and fabulous appeal make this chess set ideal as a part of décor in your drawing room, as well as the perfect gift for your loved one. The entire chess set is priced at $135 and comes with a 30 days easy return policy.

Chess House 16-Inches Marble Green and White Chess Set

At first glance, this marble chess set adheres more to the traditional colouration expected from marble – white and grey. However, when you look at it a second time, you will realize that the black pieces actually have a hint of green to them. This is a hand-carved marble chess set that comes with the Chess House guarantee of safe, timely arrival and a 90-day no-hassle return policy. The chess board itself is felted to prevent scratching table surfaces. Ideal for an occasional slow game of chess.

Fifth Avenue Crystal Chess/Checkers Marble Glass 2-in-1 Game Set

The board is made of marble and glass. It is cheaper than other marble chess sets and is priced at $18.67 on Amazon. Item dimensions are 12-inches in length, 12-inches in width, and 3-inches in height. The board diameter is 12 inches, and the set includes checkers and chess gaming pieces along with one game board. You can easily wipe it clean with a damp cloth. However, recently the reviews have not been good, and the chess piece has been found to be not very detailed.

NOVICA Decorative Marble Chess Sets, Black, Glorious Battle

This chess set is a combination of black and coffee brown shade, which is also a classic look. The overall finish of this marble chess board and pieces is shiny, which adds glamour to it. The NOVICA marble chess set also has intriguing chess pieces that are detailed and also made from handcrafted marble. Each piece has a slight variation because real marble is used to make this set. It is priced at $94, and you can buy this chess set on Amazon. Item weighs 9.38 lbs. Product dimensions are 0.5-inches in height, 10.75 inches in width, and 10.75 inches in length.

SouvNear 8×8 Inch Square Antique-Look Chess Board & Chessmen Set with Storage Box for Chessmen – Handmade Marble & Wood Chess Set

This is a handmade, all artisan-crafted in fine-grain Indian wood and marble chess set. The board size is 8 x 8 inches. The chessmen storage comes with special slots inside the board so that there is no rattling and no lost pieces, and it makes the chess set easy to carry. The entire product weighs around 2 pounds. This item is priced at a budget and can be bought from Amazon. Another feature of the SouvNear chess set is that it is made for both adults and children. It is neither too heavy nor too dangerous.

The House of Staunton 16-Inches Marble Chess Set American Design in Coral & Black

This chess is priced at $208 and comes with natural, fossilized stone colouration. The natural swirls and veining present in natural marble mean that no two of these sets are the same. Each product is completely unique, and all of them are beautiful. The black marble is inlaid in the coral stone to make the traditional checkered board pattern. The squares are 15/8 inches giving you plenty of room to play without taking up a lot of space in your room or place of choice. This chess set includes the playing board along with all the playing pieces and a box covering.

Final Word

Marble chess sets can be downright collectable items for connoisseurs and aficionados. Nevertheless, marble products are often used for decorative purposes and indefinitely help to create ambience. However, caution and care are advised when playing with marble chess sets as the material can prove to be quite brittle at times, making it breakable. You should not only consider the size of the chess board or set that you want to buy but also proactively indulge in cleaning the set once it is not in use.

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