Top 5 Online Marketplaces in 2022

These five online marketplaces are expected to remain at the top of their game. Alibaba, Etsy, Amazon, and eBay have vast traffic volumes. All of them are rapidly expanding and are poised for future success. But which one will continue to dominate shortly? And which will be the most popular in 2022?

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Currently, the largest online marketplace in the world is Amazon, which has 300 million monthly active users. This is almost three times the number of monthly visitors to ebay marketplaces gmbh. Amazon also offers a variety of seller options, including direct site sales, FBA, and fulfillment centers. This eCommerce company is top-rated among consumers and sellers due to its vast range of products and excellent customer service. It is also one of the most profitable platforms.

As the most prominent e-commerce website in the world, Amazon is an obvious competitor. The company initially specialized in mail order but has since expanded to sell all types of products, including electronics, books, and even services. In February 2021, Otto reported a global increase of 23% in online revenues, with nearly 20% coming from Germany. Another top online marketplace in Germany is Yatego, which has 7,700 dealers.


In terms of e-commerce, Amazon is the clear frontrunner. Its US market alone accounts for 67% of revenues and is proliferating. The rest of the world’s markets are only starting to catch up and will take years to catch up with the US market. Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom contribute over 20% of Amazon’s total revenues. The remaining 15 markets represent only 14% of Amazon’s overall sales.

The top five online marketplaces are Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and Alibaba. These companies are global brands and dominate their respective niches. Their sales are expected to hit over 4 trillion dollars in 2020. While Amazon is the number one online marketplace in the United States, eBay is a close second.


Etsy has recently added a video feature to its platform. This lets sellers post promotional videos and tutorials about their products. The site also allows sellers to set their policies. In addition to videos, Etsy will feature articles and photos about its featured sellers. Video content will likely grow over time.

Etsy is an excellent option for those who want a place to sell their handmade goods, but the cost and lack of customer support may not be for everyone. If you’re looking for a more affordable platform, you can try Storenvy. It has an advanced plan that starts at $299 a month. The platform also offers a variety of themes and sales channels.

Etsy has an active community of 33 million buyers, and 40% of these buyers are repeat buyers. The site’s flexibility and design allow third-party sellers to engage visitors using coupon codes or collecting emails. In addition, Etsy has increased the transaction fees for sellers by 1.5%. This increase is expected to help improve the marketing experience for sellers.


Allegro eCommerce is a fast-growing online retail platform supporting local and big brands. The platform also allows businesses to sell their products through its Allegro Biznes service. In Q1, the site hosted 130 top brands, including Costa Coffee, RedBull, and Skechers.

Allegro has 125 thousand small and medium retailers and merchants registered on its website. This represents more than half of the Polish e-commerce market. The company publishes 90 percent of all monthly purchases on its platform. In Q1, Allegro’s NPS was 94, a sector-leading score. Allegro is also investing heavily in fulfillment and logistics. For example, the One Fulfillment initiative is already delivering goods the next day, and its One Kurier program aims to create an asset-light logistics model.

Currently, Amazon dominates the online retail market. It is in many industries and accounts for over 50% of global e-commerce retail GMV. Its website receives more than two billion monthly visitors and offers a wide range of services. The company continues to grow its dominance in the eCommerce market, with sales in Q3 of 2021 already at 110 billion dollars.


Cdiscount is a French online marketplace with a global reach of over 10 million active users. The site provides merchants with a virtual storefront and allows them to list new and used items in various categories. The site also offers fulfillment on demand, meaning that orders will be shipped within 24 hours. The site has many services that help merchants succeed. Its mission is to make the online shopping experience as seamless as possible, from product selection to customer service.

The growth of online marketplaces has changed several industries. More consumers are turning to marketplaces to buy products and services. 44% of online product searches start on marketplaces, brand websites, and search engines.

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