Online FSSAI Licence Number Verification

Online FSSAI Licence Number Verification


Food dealing with and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) coordinates the security of food things open to general society in India. It ensures that the Food Business Operators (FBOs) are manufacturing quality food things with great food accumulating and dealing with rehearsals inside their premises.


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FSSAI issues the food licences to the FBOs affirming the security of the food things for usage. Every food licence has a 14-digit grant number. that should be joined on the food thing packaging close by the FSSAI logo. Anyone can check the authenticity or status of the FSSAI licence number from the 14-digit grant number displayed on the food pack or premises.

FSSAI Licence Number

All FBOs need to show the 14-digit licence number obtained at the hour of grant of the FSSAI grant confirmation for their food business at an obvious spot in their work region or premises. The 14-digits of the FSSAI licence number is divided into five sections.


Each piece of the FSSAI grant number communicates to the FSSAI experts a few information about the FBO and remembers it from the others. The five spaces of the FSSAI licence number are according to the accompanying:


Segment 1-comprises of the primary digit. It shows whether or not the food foundation has a FSSAI enrollment/permit.


Segment 2 – It contains the permit number’s second and third digits. It signifies the state code in which the food foundation is enrolled and working.


Segment 3 – It contains the permit number’s fourth and fifth digits. It indicates the year wherein the food foundation gained its FSSAI permit.


Segment 4 – It contains the permit number’s 6th, seventh, and eighth digits. It means the quantity of enlisting aces.


Segment 5 – It contains the permit number’s last six digits. It signifies the FBOs remarkable permit number.


FSSAI License Number Details


The nuances showed when a solitary checks the FSSAI grant number online is according to the accompanying:


  • FBO/association name.
  • Premises address.
  • Grant number.
  • Grant type (State License or Central License).
  • Authenticity (whether or not dynamic or idle).
  • Summary of aftereffects of the FBO.


FSSAI License Number Guidelines


  • The FBOs should show the 14-digit grant number that they gain from FSSAI on the packaged things.
  • FSSAI moreover gives the FSSAI logo to the FBOs that they should show on the squeezed food things. The text style and shade of the FSSAI logo and grant number should separate the establishment shade of the packaged food things so they are clearly evident.
  • The FSSAI licence number ought to be conveyed before the subject matter experts while bringing a thing into India.
  • The extent of the letters all together, letters, and digits should be according to the courses of action of the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) Regulation, 2011.
  • The Showing of the FSSAI logo and the licence number on the food things exhibits that the FBO has a real grant in consistency with the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.
  • The FBOs should put the grant number on the food premises/areas of the various units of the FBO.
  • The FBOs should show Food Safety Display Boards at their premises having the licence number and concealing code for different regions.
  • FBOs should show the logo and licence number on their things until the authenticity of their FSSAI grant, for instance, the constraint of five years.
  • The FBOs need to re-energize their FSSAI grant inside 180 days before its expiry period and show the logo and grant number after its restoration.
  • All food associations ought to determine the FSSAI grant number on purchase requisition, cash receipts, charges, cash updates, etc Notwithstanding, there is a rejection for referring to the FSSAI licence number on the GST E-way charges and other government records that are structure delivered.
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