What Elements Could Make You Have an Erectile Dysfunction?

What elements could cause you to have an Erectile Dysfunction? Listed below are several factors that can cause you to have a problem erections. These factors include physical problems, diabetes, medicine, and stress. Checking these elements with a doctor can help you find the right treatment. Also, don’t forget to check your blood count. Low blood cell counts can cause your erection to be difficult.

Physical problems

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction, including physical problems, psychological stress, and prostate surgery. You may be suffering from ED because of a previous condition, such as anxiety or depression, but your symptoms could also be caused by other factors. To know more about possible causes, talk to your doctor. Physical problems may include heart disease, diabetes, or hypertension. Some medications can also lead to erectile dysfunction.


Some commonly prescribed medications may cause erectile dysfunction. Some affect the central nervous system, which controls erections. These include antidepressants, tetracyclic antidepressants, and tricyclic antidepressants. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you should consult your physician before discontinuing any medicine. The good news is that most physicians are aware of the possibility of this side effect.


Studies have shown that chronic stress can affect erection quality. When you are stressed, brain signals to your penis stop working properly, affecting blood flow. An erection requires mental and physical stimulation, and when you’re stressed, these signals are interrupted. As a result, you may experience decreased libido, inability to maintain an erection, and even decreased sex desire. Fildena 100mg is also helps to prevent erectile dysfunction in men.


People who suffer from diabetes are also more likely to experience erectile dysfunction. This is because diabetes affects the blood sugar levels in the body and can lead to damage to the nerves and blood vessels of the penis. The damage caused by high blood sugar levels can interfere with the signals sent from the brain to the penis, which can negatively affect how it feels. Fortunately, there are many treatments like Fildena 150 mg and Super Fildena available to combat diabetes and erectile dysfunction.

Heart disease

In addition to being an important risk factor for coronary heart disease, erectile dysfunction has a connection with heart problems, including bypass surgery and atherosclerosis. Erectile dysfunction can predict heart disease symptoms within five years. This relationship is as strong as one’s smoking habits or family history of heart disease. To learn more about the connection between heart disease and erectile dysfunction, read on.

Neurological injuries

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by damage to the nervous system. Injuries to the spinal cord or the brain can damage nerves that control sexual activity. The result can be erectile dysfunction, anejaculation, or both. Fortunately, neurological ED is often temporary and easily treatable with Fildena 50 purple. Your healthcare provider will recommend treatment options based on the cause of your erectile dysfunction.

Low testosterone levels

A man may wonder if low testosterone levels could be the culprit behind his erectile dysfunction. This is a common question among many men, and low testosterone levels can significantly affect sexual life. While testosterone is essential for maintaining an erection, it does tend to decline as men age. This is why men with low testosterone often feel less interested in sex. A man may also experience increased fatigue during sex, despite adequate rest.

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