How to Get More Likes and Engagement

Youtube: How to Get More Likes and Engagement?

YouTube is the glittering star in the sky of social media. It is the foremost source people use to spread their ideas and to get their daily dose of entertainment. Two categories of people exist there. One is the extractor community, and another is the creator. The extractors are this who just extract their kind of entertainment from YouTube.

But the creator is the essential one. They help pull to fulfill their need for entertainment. In return, they are given real likes, followers, shares, and comments from the people watching their content.

If you are a YouTube creator and struggling with getting more likes and engagement on YouTube, you can rely on what you are going to read. Mentioned here are a few tips you can keep under strict consideration if you want to enhance your realm of influence on YouTube. 

Give your videos exceptional titles.

On YouTube, there is a limit to setting titles. You can use as many words as possible, but the videos usually have the 60-70 character title, which is considered the best. Maximize the potential of this limit. As a result, your videos will have better titles.

Furthermore, if you have already determined the genre of your video, you can add relevant keywords in your titles too. This helps your video’s rank to elevate. Your video title is the foremost thing that gives a glimpse of what you are trying to convey. This way, you can compel people to view and like your videos.

Write captivating description

The description of your videos helps your viewers understand your service precisely. Usually, people dealing with technical content add an explicit description to their videos. You must also follow the trick if you are one of the technical mentors. This way, your visuals can be depicted in words, helping people more than you expect.

Moreover, you can also add keywords regarding the kind of content you have created in your video description. It helps your video to appear more in the search results, thus attracting more community and lies toward your videos. Therefore, try to add a precise and relevant description to your videos on YouTube.

Write captivating description

Add keywords

Keywords are the key to the visibility of your content on any social platform. Those videos containing potent and specific keywords are usually elevated to higher ranks. Their visibility on YouTube increased, and they got more likes, views, and comments. Keeping this in perspective, you can add relevant keywords and hashtags to your videos.

You can also optimize the keywords you are about to use and find the best ones from your genre. This way, when your videos are more visible to the community, the chance of getting likes and thus engagement gets easier.

Use closing captions

People usually prefer watching videos on YouTube with closed captions or subtitles. Though YouTube allows you to auto-generate captions for your video, these may be full of errors. So to ensure accuracy, you must add subtitle files to your YouTube videos. This serves you in duality. Firstly, it helps the users understand your content well.

It allows you to capture people’s attention more effectively. You will also better understand your content with the YouTube search engine. This way, you can be elevated and upgraded to higher levels in promotion and visibility.

Use custom thumbnails

Thumbnails are critical if you are to represent your YouTube videos’ content correctly. When a person first sees your videos, the very first thing that will represent you is the thumbnail of your video. All you can do is add relevant visual aids in your thumbnail. It helps link your content type to the video on YouTube.

Consequently, when you represent your content precisely through thumbnails, you can then be able to captivate the attention of YouTube users. Also, use a custom thumbnail instead of the auto-generated frame of YouTube. It helps you gather more attention. 

Optimize your videos

The YouTube suggested content feature allows you to optimize your videos. When your video is described correctly, the YouTube algorithm detects it and thus presents it to the community with the same taste as yours. In this way, your video reaches the community, which you may not be able to get through mere promotions.

You can optimize your videos by adding specific keywords all over the description. It will increase your likes and comments, resulting in a more engaging post. Furthermore, you can also check the most popular videos from the same genre as yours and thus can integrate the keywords they have embedded in their video.

Optimize your videos

Go for healthy interaction.

You must pave the way for better engagement with your followers and subscribers. You can welcome the interaction with your subscribers by replaying their comments. You can also encourage them to send their feedback in the comment section. Invite them to do so by using the initial or the last chunk of your YouTube videos.

If you have many subscribers and your main goal is to engage with them more, you also make exclusive videos. This way, they will interact more with you when you welcome them. This increases the credibility of your channel thus giving you more appreciation.

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